Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning

Reverse Cycle – Daikin

Daikin is the only split system air conditioner authorised to display the Asthma Council sensitive choice butterfly symbol.

As an authorised Daikin dealer we have the backing of the world’s leading air conditioning manufacturer, which means you’re guaranteed to receive a quality product that works effectively.

DAIKIN is a renowned leader in superior air conditioning technology for both home and commercial use, and EXACT AIR is proud to be an authorised supplier and service agent for DAIKIN Air Conditioners.

Ducted Air Conditioning Systems

A Daikin ducted reverse cycle air conditioning system provides you with year round comfort and the flexibility to heat and cool every room in your home. Rooms are zoned so that you can efficiently heat or cool the desired areas maximising energy efficiency and comfort. The indoor fan coil unit is located in the roof cavity and the condenser is located outside. Insulated ducting distributes the cool or warm air throughout the house.

Ducted Air Conditioning Controllers

Exact Air has a number of controllers available to control your air conditioning system to suit your lifestyle.

IZone controller

Available in  a range of colours.

The iZone is unrivalled when it comes to air conditioning system control. With Wi-Fi and 4G capabilities not only do you get easy to use air conditioning control but add on the iLight and have wireless home lighting.

  • Stylish, elegant easy to use touch screen
  • Up to 14 zones available for maximum flexibility
  • Air flow adjustment to each room in 5% increments
  • Zone temperature control
  • Filter clean alert
  • Favourites mode
  • 7 day scheduling
  • Sleep timer
  • Wireless temperature sensor option
  • Optional iSave 100% fresh air system
  • Home automation system integration
  • Remote control via smartphone, tablet or PC.
  • Email or drop in your house plans for a free quotation.

Daikin Zone Controller 

  • Backlit display with easy to read text
  • Simple 7-day time clock, to program the controller to turn the system on or off at set times any day of the week.
  • Zone control and temperature sensor selection.
  • Count down on/off timer, programmable in 1 hour increments.

NavEase Controller 

  • Clear backlit display with easy to read text.
  • Weekly schedule timer to program on and off times.
  • Home leave function can turn your air conditioner on automatically when room temperatures drop below 10°C
  • Quick Cool / Heat mode
Ducted Nav Ease

Wall Split Air Conditioners

Daikin is the only split system air conditioner authorised to display the Asthma Council sensitive choice butterfly symbol.

Daikin wall split air conditioners range from the small 2.0kW system right up to the large 9.5kW.

Available in reverse cycle or cool only models, their quiet, energy efficient operation and smooth surface design make them the right choice for your home.

The Daikin air purifying filters are one reason why Daikin wall split systems are the only split system air conditioner authorised to display the asthma council sensitive choice butterfly symbol.

Multi-Split Air Conditioners

The Daikin multi split air conditioning system allows you to air condition up to four different rooms from the one outside condenser.

The single compact outdoor condenser means a less obtrusive exterior look and quieter operation than multiple units.

The indoor units can all be controlled independently.

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