Evaporative Air Conditioning

Evaporative air conditioning comprises of an external roof mounted unit that draws fresh outside air in through moistened Celdek pads. It cools the air before dispersing it via ductwork throughout your home. Hot air is pushed out of the home and replaced with cool fresh air meaning that doors and windows can be left open. The cool moist air wont dry out or irritate your skin and eyes. Evaporative cooling is up to 50% cheaper to install and up to seven times cheaper to run than comparable refrigerated cooling systems.

Rinnai Serenity

The RINNAI S Series has a super quiet, variable speed, centrifugal fan.

The centrifugal fan maximises airflow while maintaining whisper quiet performance without compromising power and quality. Features
Super quiet centrifugal fan
Water management system – constantly monitors the water quality to ensure purity and minimize consumption
Winter seal accessory available
High efficiency cooling pads
Available in two colours

Evaporative – Brivis

Evaporative air conditioning is up to 80% cheaper to operate than a refrigerated air conditioner and up to 50% cheaper to install, making it a very attractive option for cooling your home.

EXACT AIR is the local agent for Brivis and Rinnai evaporative air conditioning.

Brivis Systems and Rinnai have been designing and manufacturing climate systems in Australia for more than 50 years.

Each Brivis / Rinnai system is made to withstand the extremes of the Australian climate and is backed by a 10-Year Structural Guarantee and 5 Year manufacturer’s Parts and Labour warranty.

The Brivis / Rinnai Contour cooler is the least obtrusive most advanced evaporative cooler in Australia. Exclusive to Brivis / Rinnai, their AquaSave technology saves you up to 45% water a year compared to conventional bleed systems by cleaning the water in the system avoiding unnecessary wastage.

Brivis / Rinnai is the only system on the market with a motorised weather seal, ensuring warmth is kept in your house during the cold days when it is closed and when opened, it manages the airflow, reducing turbulence and noise.

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