Wood Heaters

Wood Heaters

Jarrahdale Heating
Jarrahdale is a Western Australian company that has been specialising in quality WA-made wood heaters for over 30 years.

Exact Air carries a full range of Jarrahdale products and has a large range of styles and colours to suit all tastes and budgets. Plus, all Jarrahdale Heaters come with a 10 Year warranty on the fire box.

Convection Wood Heaters

Jarrahdale Convection heaters are stylish modern heaters that can heat up to 185 – 280 m2. The have an angled wide view glass door and an advanced burn firebox for increased heat output and lower emissions.

The heavy duty 6mm firebox comes with a 10 year warranty. Available in four colours – Metallic Black, Golden Fire Brown, Metallic Blue and Pewter.

Jarrahdale’s largest convection heater can heat up to 280m2 making it perfect for large open areas.
Optional fan
Dimensions (mm) : 730W x 695H x 650D

Medium sized convection heater heats up to 232m2
Optional fan and hot water booster available
Dimensions (mm) : 730W x 695H x 530D

Jarrahdale smallest convection heater can heat up to 185m2 perfect for the smaller home
Dimensions (mm) : 610W x 695H x 530D
Optional fan.

The Jarrahdale Convector is based on the look of a radiant heater with added heat shields. Available on legs or pedestal the Convector has a large opening door and can heat up to 232m2.
Dimensions (mm) : 700W x 805H x 540D

Fan Forced Convector
The Jarrahdale Fan forced Convector shares all the great features of the Convector with the addition of a two speed fan and solid cooktop.
Dimensions (mm) : 715W x 820H x 540D




Radiant Wood Heaters

With all the charm of another time these classic radiant wood heaters offer the much sought after classical look perfect for character homes. Available on legs or a pedestal base the radiant  heaters offer great value for money.

Available in four colours – Metallic black, Golden fire brown, Metallic blue and Moss green.


Jarrahdale’s largest radiant heater is perfect for heating a large open area of approximately 232m2

Dimensions (mm) : 630W x 785H x 530D

Optional wrap around heat shield or double rear shield for installation closer to combustible surfaces.


The smallest of the Jarrahdale radiant heaters the Swagman is perfect for the smaller home or chalet of up to 148m2.

Dimensions (mm) : 540W x 710H x 455D

Excellent value for money

In-Built Wood Heaters

Jarrahdale has four heaters in their inbuilt wood heater range catering for various room sizes, layouts and heating requirements. The range includes wood heaters with a single door and fascia for installation in a conventional fireplace opening or a two-door model, designed to sit between two adjoining rooms where heating is required on both sides. All models feature a two-speed fan to ensure even and efficient heat distribution throughout your home.

A Jarrahdale inbuilt wood heater is perfect for adding character to a new home or to transform your old fireplace to a more effective, slow-combustion wood heater.

2- Door wood heaters

This unique Jarrahdale double sided, two door heater is perfect for between two adjoining rooms or in the centre of a large living area. Also available as an inbuilt heater.

With its massive firebox this unit will heat approximately 280 m2

Optional fan and hot water booster available

Width: 730mm / 715mm*

Height: 695mm / 610mm*

Depth: 795mm

*Inbuilt model

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