Ducted Gas Heating

Ducted Gas Heating

For whole of home heating Brivis ducted gas heating ensures you are toasty warm throughout the entire house or selected zones if you prefer.

With its quick warm up time and high efficiency energy ratings Brivis ducted gas heating provides comfort and peace of mind on the cold winter days.

The Brivis ducted gas heating system draws air from inside your home passing it to the gas furnace where it is warmed.

A fan then pushes it into the rooms via the duct network and outlets in the form of a steady gentle supply of warm air. The Brivis controller monitors the air temperature continually and controls the heating system to ensure a consistent warm temperature throughout the house.

On the higher efficiency models, as the home heats up the heater modulates the gas so only a small amount of energy is used to keep the space at the desired comfort level.

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